Friday, 19 October 2012

Announcements Week of October 15 - 19

Some Friendly Reminders...
  1. Students who are bringing scooters and skateboards to school...they should not be used on school property and that extra caution needs to be used when going up and down the stairs with these items, especially scooters as they can easily get in the way of others and be a tripping hazard.  Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.
  2. During Indoor recess students are expected to find a place to settle/sit - students can play board games, do puzzles, talk with friends, read, etc...students are not allowed to be running around, no throwing objects and no balls are allowed.  Please remember that this is indoor time and activities must be settled and safe.
  3. All classrooms have now been equipped with their own recess equipment in their blue bags.  For this reason equipment will no longer be available for sign-out from the office so students are not to come down to the office anymore to sign out equipment.  Classes are encouraged to develop their own sign out system for their equipment.
A Lockdown drill took place on Friday at Noon.

GETTING EXCITED!!!!!!!!! On Thursday each student will be taking home their DFS (Deileman Fundraising Solutions) package.  This is our 1st (of 2) major fundraisers for the coming year.  Please take the time to fully read the information so that your family will know how they can best be involved!  This fundraiser will take place from October 25th through November 9th. 

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