Sunday, 9 June 2013

School Council Recap

Thank you to all families for their generous support this year. Food days are our primary and most successful fundraiser. This year, food day profit was over $10,000. All other fundraisers (Dielmans, Grocery Tapes, Meet the Teacher Night and Veseys Bulbs) raised over $5000. With your support, through fundraising, school council was able to provide the following for our children's school:

Field Trip Subsidy for Each Class
Scientists in the School
3 Shade Trees for the Intermediate Yard
Forest of Reading
Rocks N Rings
Christmas in the Meadows
Springtime in the Meadows
Recess Equipment
CMES Reads
Chair Leg Caps
Emergency Bussing
Coffee Urns
Stage Risers
Kindergarten Grandparent Tea
Healthy Snacks (for children who forget their lunch)
Smart Boards
Graduation Support

Thank you for a great year!