Friday, 24 February 2012

School Announcements for the Week of February 21 - 24, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS! To our Cobra's Hockey Team with a win of 7 - 4!  It was an exciting game!  Good Job players!

...MONDAY, Feb. 27th is Litterless Lunch Day.  Don't forget! all grade 8's and Senior Kindergartener's - Grad photo's will take place on Tuesday, February 28th!

PINK SHIRT DAY is happening on Wednesday, February 29th.  It is a day to bring awareness to bullying.  Even if you've never experienced bullying before, you can appreciate the idea of everyone in this school feeling free enough to be themselves without being picked on or treated unfairly!  Imagine if all the students in schools that participate in this day made the promise from now on to respect each other - we'd have a much kinder world to live in!  SHOW YOUR SUPPORT ON WEDNESDAY AND WEAR PINK!

MILK MACHINE problems...because students are using the wrong kind of tokens (i.e.  tokens that are from the galaxy or Chuckie Cheese or play money)  they are jamming up and breaking our milk machine.  On Thursday, Feb. 23rd, students could not get milk for this reason.  PARENTS:  please ensure that your children are only bringing milk tokens or loonies/toonies to school with them for the milk machine.  THANK YOU!

BOOGIE-A-THON 2012  Happening Wednesday, March 7th.  Pledge information went home this week.  Remember to raise as much money as you can to support our ART WORKSHOP DAYS in April.  There are many great prizes to win...from lunch with a teacher to sports equipment, free time in the gym for you and some friends all the way to a brand new Wii System!  Every $5.00 raised will get you a ticket for prizes.  Read the green information page for all the details!

From the Green Machine...are you bringing a re-usable water bottle to school?  If you are - great job!  What you are doing is a great thing for our environment!  Did you know that recycling water bottles and other drink containers is wasteful and causes pollution?  Together we can make a BIG difference!

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