Friday, 25 May 2012

Weekly Announcements May 22 - 25

Yearbook News
YEARBOOK ORDER's not too late to order!  We've decided to extend the ordering until Wednesday, June 6th.  If you haven't gotten one yet - why not consider it!

Student Council News
Student Council is collecting bags of used clothing as a mini fundraiser to help cover costs of some yearend activities.  Why not consider spending some time this weekend bagging up the clothes your kids have grown out of and even some that you may have grown out of and send it in to the school by Monday, May 28th.

Library News
Our school hosted the Forest of Reading Silver Birch day.  Over 150 students from surrounding schools came and participated on Tuesday with a wide range of activites for all of them.  Great job Ms. Gammage on a very successful day!

News from The Pond
Our students in The Pond, along with several student helpers & teachers, competed in the Special Olympics on Wednesday.  A great time was had by all.

Regarding the use of electronic devices at school (ie: ipods, cell phones, etc...)
Students ARE NOT to be using these devices at school between 8am and 4pm unless a teacher has given you permission insidet he classroom under direct teacher supervision.  Therefore, students should NOT be texting in the halls of the school at ANYTIME.

EQAO began this past week and will continue for the next couple of weeks.

Two fire drills were held this past week on thursday and Friday.

The Intermediate Track & Field tryouts have been happening all week.

The Bike Rodeo was held on Friday morning with well over 40 students taking part.  Results will be posted next week to see which student will respresent our school next Saturday and the community Bike Rodeo

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